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A Laurentides health centre
SAVED $11,198.91 IN ONE YEAR

according to the calculator

Complete heating system conversion

To save money and update its heating system, this facility opted for a complete conversion to THERMEAU units. Now the temperature in its outdoor pool is 87ºF, and its baths are heated to 102 ºF.

The new installation slashed annual heating costs and lets visitors relax in ideal water conditions throughout the season.

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  • Rectangular pool 40 ft. x 50 ft.
  • Average depth 4,5 ft.
  • Desired average temperature 86ºF
  • A propane heater was replaced
  • 2 TH-200 units were installed


  • Circular spa 10 ft.
  • Average depth 3 ft.
  • Desired average temperature 102ºF
  • A propane heater was replaced
  • 1 TH-200 unit was installed