Chaises et piscine
Extend your swimming spa season with THERMEAU’s residential heaters.
Chaises et piscine
Get perfectly warm water even on cold nights and without hurting your budget with our reversible defrost.
A unique Canadian technology!
Chaises et piscine
The quietest in the industry:
Three levels of soundproofing insulation.
Installation & maintenance:
Simple, quick and efficient!
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THERMEAU® is a leading manufacturer of high-performance, reliable and energy-efficient commercial and residential pool heating systems.

Why choose THERMEAU®?

  • Installation & maintenance: simple, quick and efficient!
  • Among the highest precision in electronic temperature control!
  • Unparalleled energy efficiency!

Backed by over 20 years of experience, Thermeau designs and builds pool heating systems that are vastly superior to conventional equipment in terms of performance, reliability, durability and energy efficiency.

If you need to keep pool water at a consistent temperature at any time of day or night, there’s one system that out-performs the rest, with the most advantages and greatest savings: THERMEAU®!


My girlfriend and I are very satisfied with your product. We purchased a residential P55 during the summer of 2014...

Since then, we've been very happy with your product and have been from day one!

Keep creating quality products made in Canada... they are much appreciated.

Jonathan & Christine
Loretteville, QC

In Quebec, our climate is not always great for swimming. We think a pool heater is absolutely necessary if we want to enjoy our pool for any lenght of time. We also move often and every one of our pools have enjoyed a Thermeau pool heat pump so satisfied we are with their products. Thermeau enables us to enjoy our pool from the month of May up to mid October without worry and, especially, without emptying our wallet with elevtricity bills. Our next pool will also be equipped with a Thermeau pool heat pump. Thenk you for your great product!

Stephane & Marie

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Extend your swimming spa season!