Thermeau Advantages

The highest-performing pool heaters in the industry!

So many reasons to choose THERMEAU®!

As Canada’s leader in commercial pool heaters, THERMEAU® offers a full range of quality products that feature top-performing components:

  • Unequalled energy efficiency;
  • Three levels of soundproofing insulation;
  • Highest precision in electronic temperature control;
  • Quick and easy installation;
  • Efficient and minimal maintenance;
  • Ultra high-performance components;
  • Outstanding reliability and durability in all types of weather conditions and environments.
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The THERMEAU® Advantages

Reversible Defrost

Heat your pool at all times without hurting your budget.

Unlike other heat pumps that need to stop heating your pool for hours in order to defrost the evaporator in cold temperatures, Thermeau’s Reversible Defrost technology enables our heat pumps to reach unequalled efficiency even in cold weather by using the existing heat of the unit to quickly defrost the evaporator.

Great energy savings and guaranteed comfort even in cold weather!

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Extend your swimming and spa season!