Thermeau Advantages

The highest-performing commercial pool heaters in the industry!

So many reasons to choose THERMEAU®!

As the leader in commercial pool heaters, THERMEAU® offers a full range of quality products that feature top-performing components:

  • Largest single-phase heat pump on the market (200K);
  • Advanced Hot Gas Defrost (HGD) system enables you to optimally heat your pool when temperatures drop below freezing;
  • Innovative design and compressor acoustic cover make THERMEAU’s pool heaters the quietest on the market;
  • Twisted titanium heat exchanger provides maximum heat transfer, resulting in increased output, high efficiency, and super hydraulic flow;
    Three phase unit offers 10-15% more energy efficiency than single-phase pool heaters;
  • Oversized evaporator coil for better exchange;
  • Profiled fan blade helps to improve airflow and minimize noise;
    Easy installation, thanks to small footprint;
  • Easy access front panel to facilitate installation and servicing;
  • Lockable temperature control box;
  • Multiple installations available for very large swimming pools;
  • THERMEAU products can be transported and installed without cranes or flatbed trucks;
Thermeau pool heat pump

The THERMEAU® Advantages

Installation and maintenance:

From installation and use throughout the summer to winterization, many characteristics of our pool heaters bear witness to THERMEAU® know-how when it comes to design. Developed by technicians who know the mechanics of their trade inside and out, each component has been carefully designed to simplify its maintenance and use, from electric connections to plumbing parts, avoiding any unnecessary steps.

UNPARALLELED energy efficiency!

Compare what it takes to produce 100,000 BTU of warmth with a conventional gas, oil, or electric pool heater, and you’ll see that THERMEAU® heat pumps use 5 to 6 times less energy.

THERMEAU® not only slashes pool heating costs — it’s also clean, SAFE, and GREEN!

THERMEAU® products boast the industry’s best electrical and mechanical components, helping to lower energy consumption and reduce operating costs. And the many features found on our pool heaters put THERMEAU® in a class all its own, exceeding established standards.

in electronic temperature control!

The electronic control board allows you to adjust the water temperature in your swimming pool with great precision. In addition to providing a constant level of heat, thanks to control settings, this system ensures optimal energy performance for your pool heater in outside temperatures as low as 5°C. It is also equipped with a defrost system, separate controls for outdoors swimming pools and spas, and it is compatible with external control systems. In addition, its integrated diagnostic analysis system allows the equipment’s performance to be adjusted and also simplifies maintenance.

Use your pool heat pump all year round!