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With 15 years of industry research and development plus hands-on experience in the field, THERMEAU® is a leader in residential and commercial pool heating technology. As Quebec’s only manufacturer of commercial heat pumps, THERMEAU® serves outdoor pool operators throughout Canada and the US

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Research. Innovate. Deliver.
A unique, high-performance R&D lab

At THERMEAU®, we believe in making research and development investments. We’ve set up our own thermodynamics laboratory, widely acclaimed for improving our products’ energy efficiency. It’s all part of our mission: to offer the best pool heaters on the market.

In the lab, our team of specialists reproduces the very climate conditions that our heat pumps are likely to encounter, puts the pumps through exacting performance tests and measurements, and uses the results to continuously improve THERMEAU® products.

We build quality into each THERMEAU® product at every stage of development with cutting-edge production methods, technologically advanced components, superior energy efficiency, attractive, long-lasting finishes, plus an outstanding after-sale warranty and service.

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Rigorous quality control

To ensure that it delivers top performance and meets the highest quality standards, each THERMEAU® pool heater is manually assembled, then put through a battery of quality controls in the lab, including testing under tension to root out possible flaws plus a full exposure to actual usage conditions. THERMEAU®’s exclusive laboratory fully replicates the conditions used in AHRI certification labs. The exacting steps and innovative procedures used in manufacturing THERMEAU® heat pumps have allowed THERMEAU® Industries Inc.® to raise the bar for commercial pool heaters in North America.

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