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THERMEAU is a leading manufacturer of high-performance, reliable and energy-efficient commercial and residential pool heating systems.

The company designs and manufactures top-of-the-line pool heaters that exceed industry standards. The reputation of this Québec-owned company is built on the vision and know-how of its founders and the expertise of its continually trained team of experienced technicians, who pay attention to even the minutest of details.

The Tailleur brothers, Stephane and Pascal are renowned as the founders and designers of the Thermeau brand for residential pools in Canada and the United States, with thousands of units being sold. In 2011, the brothers, backed by over 20 years’ expertise, then oriented their development towards the commercial sector, particularly for outdoor pools—a market that was greatly underserved by other competitors. These pool heaters were vastly superior to conventional equipment in terms of performance, reliability, durability and energy efficiency.

The year 2014 marks a new era for Thermeau. The company has a commercial-grade pool heater for the residential sector—a need that has been growing exponentially with discerning users for decades.

Investing in research and development, the company works with world-renowned thermodynamic laboratories to increase the energy efficiency of its products and offer the best pool heaters available on the market today.